Zeal is now on Steam

July 12

Zeal was published on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/703280

It will be released in 2019, but you can participate in playtesting in this July!
More details in our Discord: https://discord.gg/WH8xuh3

Pre-Alpha Gameplay GIFs

June 28

Here are some new gameplay gifs
Check them out

Warrior Gameplay Teaser

June 19

A warrior takes no comfort in mercy.

Just a small teaser for our upcoming Warrior Gameplay video ;)
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New Zeal Logo Art

June 15

Pre-Alpha Season

June 13

As we are coming closer to the Supporter Playtests, we would like to inform you that you will be able to actively view your position here https://zealrpg.com/ladder in our official online ladder once the playtests begin. Top players will always be rewarded regardless of the state of the game, starting from this season called "Ancient".

Title rewards for the first ever season are:

Ancient Conqueror = R1
Ancient Dominator = 5%
Ancient Challenger = 20%
Ancient Combatant = 50%

There will be many other rewards to compliment these rankings.
Note that cutoffs, titles and rewards are not yet settled and will be updated.

Rewards you collect through playtests will be bound to your steam account and will never be wiped.

Playtesting Details

May 31

More details about the upcoming playtesting:

We'll get everything ready in approx 2-3 weeks

We're planning the following features for this playtest:

— 5 classes at start (Wizard, Ranger, Outlaw, Judicator, Warrior) and 2-3 more later
— Rated Arena mode (1v1 and 2v2)
— Casual Deathmatch mode

We'll start accepting requests and sending invites once we reach 200 Supporters


May 30

We've decided to change our plans and postpone Kickstarter campaign to Fall.
We're going to run a series of playtests, where you can play the game to check its early state and tell us what you think!

To participate in the first testing in June, you should:

1. Be a Supporter (see #roles in Discord)
2. Have a decent PC (GTX 750 Ti or better)
3. Live in North America or Europe and have a stable Internet connection (we'll add more servers in future)

More information will be provided later, check the #playtesting channel in Discord!


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